Chilean Food

What’s this? A Cornish pasty?

Nope… it’s an Empanada! Same pastry as a Cornish and it contains steak but with a rich spicy sauce. Where it really deviates from the Cornish is that it contains a whole boiled egg and large black olive complete with stone. If you’re ever over there you’ve got to try one! Other popular fillings are cheese (with the whole thing deep fried) and seafood.

I also ate this…

…I have no idea what it’s called! It is layers of vegetable/egg seperated by savoury crepes covered in egg mayo and finished off with tomato ketchup!!?? layers are egg mayo, spinach, carrot, egg mayo, broccoli and potato! I managed to get half way through before thinking better of it, worth a try if you ever see one!







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