Air France

Just back from a trip to Chile with work and was glad to be travelling on Air France and not Iberia (see here). Best thing about AF is the food and drink, even in Economy.

Drinks: Champagne option when you get on the plane and then a small bottle of wine with dinner followed down with a brandy, can’t argue with that!

Food: Most importantly they have proper french bread rather than the sweet, dense, never go off in a million years rubbish all other airlines use and it comes with butter and small triangle of Brie. They’re also a bit more adventurous with the food, e.g. I had a Niçoise salad that contained anchovies for a starter and a great custard slice for dessert. The main course was the standard chicken and rice fayre but no complaints. Breakfast is pretty good too, bread, cheese and cold meats with fruit.


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