Social Network Cleansing/Downsizing

With all this talk of Facebook floating on the stock exchange for billions of dollars, plus the privacy issues and the fact they seem to have future plans to expand into every other area of the net I decided to cancel my account yesterday.

However before I did this I remembered I was also a dormant member of a load of other Social Networks too so I went about deleting them first.

  • Google+ went first, pretty pointless as it’s just FB from Google.
  • I then remembered I was a member of the geek social network site Diaspora which had good intentions of allowing users to control their privacy and write there own software but never had any users. Delete!
  • At this point I figured I might have signed up for things I’d forgotten about so I searched for “Myspace” in my Hotmail account and found a message saying “we’re sorry you’ve cancelled your account” from 2007 so obviously that wasn’t necessary (I have no recollection of this!).
  • My next search was “Bebo” and it turned out I had an account with no friends from 2007 (again no recollection of this!). Binned!
  • I mentioned this social network cleansing to my dining companion who said “what about Linked In”. Good point, killed it!
  • Finally got to Facebook but went for the suspend account option rather than the delete account. The former makes you invisible but keeps all your data so that if you ever log in again you re-appear as before. The latter is a hard delete that is unrecoverable which can only be accessed here ““. My plan is to do this in a month or so once I’m sure I’m never going to use it. If you have photos on there etc you want to keep it is also possible to download a copy of all your data as a memento from you account (security?) screen.
  • Just remembered I’m also on Researchgate but as that is work related I might leave it up there.
  • Finally I think MSN has some sort of social network linked to my Hotmail account and old MSN messenger, will work out if I can kill that without losing the email.

Feeling very social network cleansed, I’m just going to use Twitter from now on!


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