Marsden Grotto

Went to Marsden Grotto yesterday, it’s a pub/cafe/restaurant built into the cliff face at Marsden bay just south of South Shields. A unique building accessible by a lift shaft in which the dining rooms are in a rough hewn cave and is therefore well worth a visit. I had a really good fish and chips overlooking the shore and my dining companion had a bean burger. The lift to access the Grotto is in the car park and if you rip the bottom off your pay and display ticket you get the price of your parking off your bill, excellent idea!

Here’s a pic of the place:

marsden grotto

We then went for a windy walk along the cliff tops through the field where Marsden Village once stood (see here for details of this curiosity) and past the Souter Lighthouse – which contains a National Trust cafe that is unfortunately closed in winter.

souter lighthouse

Opposite the non-existent village is a large set of lime kilns that are reminiscent of the entrance to the Mines of Moria in Lord of the Rings.

marsden lime kilns

Well worth a day out!


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