Great Android App: Easy Battery Saver

If you’ve got an Android phone, download Easy Battery Saver so you don’t have to charge it up every 15 minutes. You can customise it so it keeps the phone operation to a minimum when you’re not using it, e.g. apps don’t keep actively downloading things when you’re not using them and the screen backlight can be made to go fainter below a certain battery level etc. You can also tell it when you normally sleep so it can go into a less active state at night. Great Stuff!

Update: I might have been a bit too gushing about this app from first impressions as I’ve now noticed a few bugs with it, i.e. even in Normal mode when you turn the app on it seems to turn your wifi on, bit annoying. Also there is sometimes a significant lag in turning the 3G connection on for some apps. Finally I may be imagining things but I’m worried that some text messages might have come in late since the app was installed. However my battery is lasting a lot longer!

Update 2: OK if you get the setting right then this is pretty decent , i still have the problem that the locked screen of the phone no longer always tells me I’ve got a text but the battery is lasting 2-3 times longer. The best way of doing it is to switch to custom settings but don’t allow the app to control the wireless or 3G networks.


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