Heinz soup review

In these times of economic woe soup is often a cheap meal, preferably homemade but if you’re in a rush then you can always buy a can. I just happened to have 3 different types of Heinz soup recently although all basically containing vegetables.

Cheapest: Heinz Classic, Vegetable Soup (85p) – If I do eat canned soup i normally get it from this range probably because of brand recognition but I’m never that Impressed. Tasted like peas and tomato sauce but was extremely sweet, if you dip bread in you’d wish you’d just ate the bread on its own. Would not recommend to a friend.

Mediumest: Heinz Big Soup, Chunky Vegetable (£1) – Actually pretty decent, everything the Classic should have been, big bits of vegetables with a good variety, had it last night before band practice and it kept me rocking.

Dearest: Heinz Farmers’ Market, Slow Cooked Lamb & Root Vegetable Soup (£1.09), this soup is the best canned soup I’ve had, OK so the lamb isn’t amazing but the flavour is good and makes you want more. I’m a convert!

So in conclusion don’t buy the Classic range unless you’re on a tight budget, Big Soup is good if you like you’re veg chunky but the ultimate for only 9p more is the Farmers’ Market, try it you might like it!



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