Celebs I’ve seen in Durham

Here’s a very short list of the celebrities I’ve spotted in Durham over the past few years:

Neil Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly in the Market Tavern a few months ago. I didn’t speak to him but he was happy to sign autographs for other punters, seemed like a nice enough bloke.

Richard Herring (The one who isn’t Stuart Lee) with a rucksack on looking bewildered on Saddler St.

Lord Melvin Bragg from the South Bank show at a talk last week.

Lord Sir Martin Rees (Astronomer Royal and former head of the Royal Society) at a lecture on the outlook for humanity’s future.

Bill Bryson, at my graduation.

A guy who claimed to have been in Witton Gilbert’s own Prefab Sprout (not sure he was though!) in the old Hog’s Head (now La Tasca).

I missed Charlie Boorman (The guy who isn’t Ewan Mcgregor) by 45 minutes the other day in Waterstones as a small notice informed me he’d been signing books earlier.

My dining companion also saw Ben Clarke (who?) from the 2009 series of the TV show The Apprentice and Will Self at a book reading in the Gala.


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