Macdonald Old England Hotel: Stayed in this beautiful hotel for 2 nights, with an unexpected lake view. The pool and sauna were great, shame no jaccuzzi but you can’t win ’em all. Interesting breakfast question: full English? Would you like beans or fried bread? Why these are mutually exclusive is beyond me, great hotel though!

Fat Olives cafe: Arrived at hotel at 4 so we went for a stroll around town at 5ish when all the cafe’s had shut (a very British phenomena). However, Fat Olives up the hill on the main st serves tea and scones, plus main meals, til 9.30pm. Excellent, rarity to be able to get tea and cake at such a late hour.

Amore: On the first night we went for dinner in an excellent Italian called Amore on the main street in Bowness. Had one of the best fillet steaks of my life, superb.

Jintana: On the 2nd night we went to this decent Thai restaurant above an outdoor shop on main street, good food and atmosphere although not as good as Durham’s Central Thai.

Also went home via the beautiful village of Grasmere and a teabreak at Pooley Bridge on Ullswater.


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