Pancake Cafe Review

Had lunch in the Pancake Cafe in Durham today, It’s next to the Ye Olde Elm Tree opposite the Angel Inn on Crossgate inside a building called the Georgian Townhouse.

The place itself is very small with pleasing decor and paintings of objects such as books and kettles on the walls (presumably as they’d take up too much space if they used real objects). It consists of around 5 tables and can probably seat up to 25 people in total. the atmosphere is friendly (possibly too friendly for some) as everyone seems to know each other in there and so there’s lots of inter-table chat.

The food is great, possibly a little pricey – around £8 for a savoury pancake. I had one containing smoked salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce which was delicious and my dining companion had roasted vegetables.

A unique cafe which I would definitely reccommend – Note they do not accept credit or debit cards


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