Best Durham pubs to watch sport in

Durham has a very limited number of pubs to watch sport in.

The best in terms of having Sky Sports (and therefore premier league football) lots of TVs and 2 large projection screens is Varsity on Saddler St. This pub also has reasonable cheap pub meals (wraps, burgers, pies etc) and usually some real ales on. For £1 you can buy a V-Card which means you get some money off selected drinks for a year which is well worth it. The food has the curious option of “upgrading” from chips to curly fries for £1 on any meal – this is surely a downgrade! Best pub in Durham for sport and a meal combination.

The Half Moon has Sky Sports on TV (no projectors) and is a good drinkers pub. It’s also a lot quieter than Varsity so it gets my vote as best place to watch football in a relaxed environment on a Saturday afternoon.

The Big Jug seems to show 3 o-clock matches as well as what’s normally on Sky Sports, presumably with a foreign decoder. This has one large projector but some limited view seating due to pillars.

The City Hotel which has changed hands a lot over the years now apparently has sport on TV too although it didn’t a few months ago.

The Angel rock pub up crossgate also has sport on but I’ve not been in since they’ve introduced this.

The New Inn at the crossroads of South Road and Stockton Road shows sports in-doors and out-doors due to TV in a cupboard in beer garden. Some decent real ales and thankfully no longer a yellow pub. Has annoying habit of stopping serving food at 6pm the exact time you’d want to eat. Bit studenty!


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